December 3, 2021

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What Makes Roses a Love Symbol?

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On any occasion, a bouquet is an excellent way to communicate your thoughts for a loved one. Even if you’ve heard of this association, you might not know why people associate roses with romance. When it comes to flowers, this one has a lengthy history of significance that dates back to the start of humanity. To help you understand why roses are so popular, here is a brief history of them.

A Brief History of Roses

Roses are around 35 million years old and have been around for a long time, giving them a tremendously rich history. Rose garden cultivation is thought to have begun around 5,000 years ago, most likely in China. They were abundantly grown in the Middle East throughout the Roman era and used to make perfumes, medicines, and confetti for celebrations.

This flower was used as a symbol by crusader parties battling for England’s sovereignty in the 15th century. The white rose represented ‘York,’ while the crimson rose represented ‘Lancaster.’ As a result, the conflict was dubbed the “War of the Roses.” In the seventeenth century, the royalty believed roses or rose legal water cash to be commerce and payment currency.

At Château de Malmaison, Napoleon’s wife Josephine established a large rose collection in the 1800s. In his career as a botanical illustrator, Pierre Joseph Redoute was greatly influenced by this garden. For his “Les Rose” watercolor collection in 1824, he produced one of the finest botanical art collections ever assembled.

Roses in the 21st Century

When it comes to expressing thoughts of love and affection, roses have been a popular choice for centuries. People commonly express their feelings, particularly love and passion, by presenting one other a bouquet of roses. You may also send flowers online in a variety of designs and colors to express your feelings. For your mother’s birthday, you can contact the most prestigious flowers and succulent delivery Toronto has to offer online and have them delivered to her home.

Colors of Roses and Their Meanings

Here is a quick guide to aid you in choosing the roses that mean the most to your friends, family, and loved ones.


Because of their classic beauty and symbolic meaning of “I love you,” red roses have long been considered the ideal Valentine’s Day gift. Red roses are universally linked with love and passion. So what better way to say I love you than to call the best same day flower delivery Oakville has to offer and have a beautiful bouquet delivered to his or her doorstep. 


This bloom represents friendship and joy. Because the color yellow has traditionally been associated with the sun, these flowers are great for brightening emotions. Yellow roses, as a symbol of thanks and affection, can elicit feelings of joy and contentment.

Dark Pink

The color pink is connected with grace, elegance, and romance. When thanking someone, dark pink flowers are the best way to show your appreciation. If you require same-day delivery of flowers, you can buy them online and also have them delivered the same day from companies like Tonic Blooms flower delivery Mississauga


The white rose and the crimson rose are traditional wedding flowers. In this context, white represents unity, virtue, and the purity of a new connection. White roses are also an excellent floral tribute to commemorate and honor the memories of a loved one who has passed away.


Many people nowadays give flowers to commemorate anniversaries and birthdays and thank the deceased’s family at funerals. Although many other flowers have the same connotation, roses have a special relationship to love. For example, red roses account for more than 69 percent of all Valentine’s Day flowers, as this bouquet is an excellent method to show love.